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  1. Faurg
    Faurg -781940 seconds ago

    Ok so you're just gonna go in there right, then you will take out yo goddamn penis and you're going to fuck that apple pie. Deen, yo mama gon catch yo butt red-handed aight. Deen she gon clean it. with her arms. and talk about their dad like dis sum standard shit. What'd'ye think?

  2. Mazugor -1041140 seconds ago

    Yo apenas te sigo espero me aceptes y seguirte todo el tiempo

  3. Mezir -1041140 seconds ago

    Oh, so you want some woman to carry your spawn but you just want to be there for the photo ops? To have a baby carriage to push around in the park so you can tell the other moms your sad tale of being a single dad? You'd deprive your child of a two parent home just because you like the optics of being a single dad? How self centered can you be? I wouldn't let you babysit, based on what you posted here. I wouldn't let you sit my dog.

  4. Tukus -1127540 seconds ago

    knew Remy was going to win

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